Twelve O'clock Rock is performed by Stinky Jones on Harry's Beach Talent Show. He does tap dancing too.


Stinky Jones (spoken): Everyone put their tap shoes on?

Steve Perry, Sherrie Swafford, Graham Dent, Earl Earwax and Sammy Turtle (spoken): Yes.

Stinky Jones (spoken): Alright, here we go!

(music plays)

Stinky Jones (singing): 1, 2, 3'o'clock, 4'o'clock rock, 5, 6, 7'o'clock, 8'o'clock rock, 9, 10, 11'o'clock, 12'o'clock rock. We're gonna rock around the clock tonight.


  • This is Michael Jackson's, Grandpa James Earl Jones's, one of TJ Turtle's and Graham Dent's favorite Beach Talent Show song.

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