Trolls the Musical is a Broadway musical show in Park Plaza. It is a Broadway play directed by Graham Dent. It is Harry D. Rabbit's favorite Broadway musical show. It has the song "Can't Stop The Feeling" sung by Amy Fourpaws. It is also sung by Branch (Steve Perry from Journey) in the Broadway show version. Its sequel Trolls 2 now in Broadway starring Krista Bunnets as Princess Poppy a 16-year-old troll princess who falls in love with Branch.

Plot Edit

Oh no! Princess Poppy (Amy Fourpaws)'s friends (Billy Joel, Jonathan Cain the keyboardist of Journey, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Neal Schon the guitarist of Journey, Dionne Warwick, Katie and Cara Davids, Steve Smith the drummer of Journey, Ross Valory the bassist of Journey, Diana Ross, Judy Joel and Olivia Rabbit) and dad (Kenny Loggins) are in trouble.....Bergen trouble! She has to save them but she can't do it alone. She must get help from her grouchy friend Branch (Steve Perry the singer of Journey), the Cloud Guy (Stevie Wonder) and the kind and friendly bergen Bridget (Sherrie Swafford, Steve Perry's girlfriend) to help her save them and the day from other bergens who are the troll-hungry Bergens (Daryl Hall, Sam Earwax Sr. and Tina Turner) and find her happy place and their true colors too.

Songs Edit

  • "Everybody Move Your Hair and Your Body" - Princess Poppy
  • "The Sounds Of Silence" - Princess Poppy
  • "True Colors" - Branch and Princess Poppy
  • "Can't Stop The Feeling" - Branch

The TrollsEdit

The trolls are creatures who sing, dance and have lots of fun and live in Troll Village. Their leader Princess Poppy is the main protagonist and heroine.

  • Princess Poppy (Amy Fourpaws): The main protagonist, heroine and narrator of Trolls the Musical and the 8-year-old girl troll. As the leader of the trolls, she is an upbeat pink princess kid troll who has earned her crown and loves big hugs. She is the second youngest after Smidge and discovers the being true to yourself is always the best answer after saving the other Trolls with Branch alongside her.
  • Branch (Steve Perry the singer of Journey): The main deuteragonist and hero of Trolls the Musical and the 16-year-old drab-colored boy troll and friend and love-interest of Princess Poppy. He is a grumpy but most friendly survivalist adolescent troll who along with Princess Poppy goes to save the other Trolls from evil Bergens. Will he regain his happiness with Poppy by his side?
  • Creek (Jonathan Cain the keyboardist of Journey): The most positive, helpful and reassuring purple troll in all of Troll Village and Trolls the Musical. He's calm, collective and capable.
  • DJ Suki (Cyndi Lauper): The music player red troll in all of the trolls. She loves music and recording her soundtracks.
  • Biggie (Billy Joel): The biggest of the trolls. He is dark blue and wears a hooded purple vest and shorts and always brings his pet worm Mr. Dinkles with him.
  • Cooper (Michael Jackson): The fuzzy giraffe-like troll with a goofy grin. He makes up for enthusiasm.
  • Guy Diamond (Neal Schon the guitarist of Journey): The naked glitter troll. He gets to party on two feet.
  • Satin and Chenille (Katie and Cara Davids): The clothes loving twins. They are most clothes lovers in all of Troll Village.
  • King Peppy (Kenny Loggins): The ruler of Troll Village and Princess Poppy's father. He is still beloved by everyone in Troll Village.
  • Grandma Rosiepuff (Dionne Warwick): One of the trolls who keep young trolls safe so they can learn to let their colors shine.
  • Moxie Dewdrop (Diana Ross):
  • Mandy Sparkledust (Judy Joel):
  • Aspen Heitz (Ross Valory the bassist of Journey):
  • Smidge (Olivia Rabbit, Harry's younger sister): The teeny-tiny toddler yellow troll with purple hair and a light pink bow and dress and a shockingly deep-tone voice. At 4 years old, she is the youngest of all the Trolls.
  • Fuzzbert (Steve "Mr. Smith" Smith the drummer of Journey): The hairy troll whose only two feet are showing.

The BergensEdit

While most Bergens are carnivorous villains who are only happy when trolls are eaten, one Bergen is a vegetarian heroine tritagonist who befriends the trolls, never ever eats them and also rescues them from getting eaten by other Bergens and even sings, dances and has lots of fun just like the trolls. Another one Bergen is Bridget's love-interest.

  • Prince Gristle Jr. (Mark Earwax, Earl's older brother): The son of King Gristle Sr. and the 10-year-old Bergen who is forced to have taste of the troll, but he befriends Poppy, Branch and the other trolls and is in love with Bridget.
  • King Gristle Sr. (Sam Earwax Sr.):
  • Bridget (Sherrie Swafford, Steve Perry's girlfriend): The main tritagonist of Trolls the Musical. She is the only Bergen who befriends Poppy and her friends and is also the only kindhearted and sweetest Bergen than all of the rest in Bergen Town.
  • Chef (Tina Turner): The main antagonist of Trolls the Musical.

Others Edit

  • Cloud Guy (Stevie Wonder):
  • Mr. Dinkles (Daryl Hall):

The Audience MembersEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Sherrie Swafford, Steve Perry's girlfriend, was going to play Princess Poppy but she could not due to a sore throat and the role went to Amy Fourpaws who became the only child in the cast. So Sherrie had to play Bridget the kind and friendly Bergen instead who was originally going to be played by Joan Jett but Joan had a very bad cold and was sick.
  • Olivia Rabbit, Harry's little sister, became the only preschooler in the cast of Trolls the Musical where she played Smidge despite getting stage fright.

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