Tran Kenny Ho Wong is a male tetragonist of Harry and Friends and the son of zookeeper and martial artist Thom Wong and the older brother of Stinky's main love-interest Wendy Wong and is voiced by Robin Shou (seasons 1-4), Rick Yune (seasons 5-8) and Karl Yune (seasons 9-present). He made with first appearance in the episode movie Journey Birthday Boy along with his sister Wendy and they both returned in the rest of the series. Tran is best friends with his younger sister, his friends and his sister's friends too and is a student at Park Plaza High School. Tran started Jeet Kune Do at a young age and babysitting ever since he was 9 years old and old enough staying home alone. His favorite color is blue. When he was 14 years old, his other siblings Daniel, Lucas, William, Fanny, Gertie and Gabby died in an orca whale accident while Wendy's best orca whale friend Tilly tried to befriend but accidentally killed them and she was sorry so Wendy comforted her whale friend. When their parents were gone on their honeymoon to China, Wendy wanted to go too but they said no because wedding anniversary honeymoons are for parents after they get married and sadly they missed her and Tran so Tran babysat her and asked her what was the matter after she cried because she missed them too. He had an idea of the Louisa Street Wharf vacation and got himself and her ready to go to Louisa Street Wharf where she met, befriended and fell in love with Stinky Jones while riding her pink and blue scooter and befriended his friends Harry Neel D. Rabbit, his dog Spot, Earl Daniel Earwax and Amy Olivia Fourpaws. After his sister was kidnapped by Chucky Barnes along with Journey front-man Steve Perry's girlfriend Sherrie Swafford and Harry's teacher Mr. Conrad, Tran met and befriended his sister's friends and the Journeymen and they all saved her, Sherrie, Mr. Conrad and Earl's birthday party from Chucky's evil threats. He was a guest of Earl's Journey birthday party along with his sister and her friends and in the end of Journey Birthday Boy, Tran called Wendy it is time to pack up for home the next morning where their parents came from their China wedding anniversary honeymoon. Tran shares his birthday March 23rd with Amy's younger sister Jenny Fourpaws. He also shares his zodiac sign Aries with Harry and Jenny.

Family LifeEdit

Tran lives in Room 202 of Park Plaza Hotel with his parents Thom Wong and Lucy Yao-Wong, younger sister Wendy and pet guinea pig Mushu. All of his other siblings died in an orca accident when Wendy's orca friend Tilly tried to befriend them. His aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents live in China and San Francisco, CA. His younger sister is Wendy Wong, Stinky Jones's girlfriend and love-interest.


Name: Tran Kenny Ho Wong

Gender: Male

Home: Room 202 of Park Plaza Hotel

Birthday: March 23rd

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Eyes: Dark Brown

Parents: Thom Wong and Lucy Yao

Siblings: Daniel Christian Wong (deceased aged 21), Lucas Paul Wong (deceased aged 20), William James Wong (deceased aged 18), Fanny Tamara Wong (deceased aged 15), Gertie Emily Jessica Wong (deceased aged 13), Gabby Eva Wong (deceased aged 10) and Wendy Zoey Samantha Wong (alive) / But all of them died except Wendy in an orca accident when he was 14 years old and he and his sister Wendy were the only two siblings who survived the orca accident

Other Family: Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins

Favorite Place: China, Louisa Street Wharf

Favorite Music Genre: Asian

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry

Fears: Being Late

Favorite Food: Chinese

Favorite Singer: Alfred "Weird Al" Yankovic, Joan Jett

Favorite Music CDs: Stranger In Town (Bob Sager)

Pet Peeves: His Sister Being Kidnapped

Favorite Song: "Friends Forever"

Favorite Troll: Biggie

Halloween Costume: Little Boy Blue

Favorite Costume: Little Boy Blue

Likes: Jeet Kune Do, His sister Wendy Wong, Stinky Jones, Harry D. Rabbit, Amy Fourpaws, Earl Earwax, Harry's dog Spot, concerts, Chinese Celebrations

Dislikes: Chucky Barnes, People who are annoying, People who talk too much, His sister being kidnapped

Pets: Mushu (guinea pig)

Favorite Wild Animals: Pandas, Friendly Pythons, Tigers, Elephants, Panthers, Bears, Hummingbirds, Dolphins, Orca Whales

Voice ActorsEdit

Tran is voiced by Robin Shou in seasons 1 and its 8th episode Amy's Birthday Surprise - 4 and its last episode Let's Go!. After Harry and Friends, Shou left the show and retired the voice of Tran. He was replaced by Rick Yune through seasons 5 and its first episode - 8 and its second to last episode Getting Pumped. After that, Yune left the show and announced that he would miss voicing Tran. He was replaced by his younger brother Karl Yune starting with season 9 and its first episode Wherever I Go.

First Episode AppearanceEdit

Season 1, Episode 8. Amy's Birthday Surprise

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