Harry and Friends: The Jungle Book is a play and movie directed by Amy Olivia Fourpaws and produced by Judy Joel and Wendy Wong. It stars newcomer Harry D. Rabbit as Mowgli the man-cub and main protagonist and the voices of Billy Joel as Baloo the bear, Earl Earwax as Bagheera the panther, Stinky Jones as Shere Khan the evil tiger, Shira Earwax (Earl's aunt) as Raksha the wolf mom, Allison Rachelle Johansson as Kaa the creepy and giant but cute pink-stuff-loving reticulated python, David Esposito as Akela and Bruce Springsteen as King Louie. Harry who is ready playing Mowgli is not nervous and neither is Billy who is ready playing Baloo or Allison who is ready playing Kaa. Earl who is ready playing Bagheera is a little nervous.

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