The Animal Alphabet Songs is a home video of Harry and Friends hosted by Harry D. Rabbit (voiced by Jay Baruchel) and Billy Joel (voiced by himself). It was released August 15, 1995 (the same day as Harry's Beach Talent Show) on VHS, 2002 on DVD and 2009 on Blu-Ray. Singers and dancers includes, Harry, Billy, Amy Fourpaws (voiced by Becky Thompson), Steve Perry (voiced by himself), Sherrie Swafford (voiced by herself), Wendy Wong (voiced by Megan Miyahira), Earl Earwax (voiced by Taylor McCluskey), Kenny Loggins (voiced by himself), Mr. Conrad (voiced by Nicolas Cage), Cyndi Lauper (voiced by herself), Olivia Rabbit (voiced by Mara Wilson, singing voice by Gracie Weinfield), Jenny Fourpaws (voiced by Olivia Peyton), Molly Fourpaws (voiced by Sarah McKinnon), Stinky Jones (voiced by the late Ian Crawford), Michael Jackson (voiced by himself), Neal Schon (voiced by himself), Steve "Mr. Smith" Smith (voiced by himself credited Steve Smith), Joey "The Hare" Earwax (voiced by Corey Parker), Ross Valory (voiced by himself), Jonathan Cain (voiced by himself), TJ "The Tortoise" Turtle (voiced by Martin Lawrence, singing voice by Stevie Wonder), Sammy Turtle (voiced by Danielle Harris, singing voice by Thora Birch) and Tracie Barnes (voiced by Jessica Vaughn).



  • Harry D. Rabbit (hosting): Pythons is the letter P. They pythons are types of snakes. Amy loves pythons because they're the letter P. Awww! She thinks they so cute! (laughing)

  • Harry D. Rabbit (hosting): I love to sing and dance and the ABCs of animals, don't you?
  • All (signing off): Well, see you again soon. Bye!

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