Strung Out is performed by Steve Perry on his album Street Talk and is also performed by Earl Earwax in Harry's Beach Talent Show. Earl was scared and nervous at first but overcame his fear. He cuts off those luxurious locks of his hair to just about shoulder-length to keep himself from getting scared or nervous anymore after putting his wig and costume on for the show. After all that, he is ready to perform and after performing, he is not scared or nervous at the Talent show anymore even when sweating.


(music plays)

Earl Earwax (spoken): 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4! Are you ready? Alright! Let's go!

Earl Earwax (spoken): One very happy warm summer night, I saw your face what could do

So carefully I walked straight up to you


  • This is one of Earl Earwax's favorite Beach Talent Show songs and one of TJ Turtle's favorite Beach Talent Show songs as well. This is also Kenny Loggins's favorite Beach Talent Show song of all time.

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