Living Books - Titles-Stellaluna.
Stellaluna is the fourteenth Living Books PC CD-Rom game that is based on the 1993 book written by Janell Cannon, and was released in 1996.


Stellaluna's mother is flying off one evening, when an owl sees her. The owl begins to attack by knocking Stellaluna out of her front pouch and onto a small twig. After falling further, she comes across a family of three baby birds in their nest. They notice her hanging upside-down, and choose to imitate her. However, when their mother comes back, she scolds Stellaluna for being a bad influence, and makes her do what her birds do, including eating bugs that she finds disgusting. Upon learning to fly, she ends up flying too far ahead for the others to catch up. She comes across several other fruit bats, laughing at the sight of her hanging from her thumbs. She finally reunites with her mother, and upon meeting the other birds again to show her family, with the story ending on the note that despite how different they are, they are very much indeed alike in other ways.



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  • Bat Quiz


  • This is the second Living Books title in which the second page is used for the Living Books Samplers instead of the first page.
  • Strangely enough, there is no "The End" screen after the last page of the storybook; it goes straight back to the story menu screen.  The only other Living Book that does this is The Cat in the Hat.
  • The business man juggling shapes appears in the credits of this game for the second time.
  • The credits animation with the people waving with balloons and stuff has now officially debuted in the credits of this Living Book. Unlike the animation with the guy on his computer having a different music sequence of the Living Books credits song, the people waving with balloons and stuff was the only credits animation not to have that version of the credits song.

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