Stanley is a frog who lives on Earl Earwax's funeral home on a barnyard lawn. He is a friendliest little frog who Harry D. Rabbit, his dog Spot and Amy Fourpaws befriended. Earl got scared of him at first because he screamed in horror and angrily yelled at him to scram and leave him alone, rudely shooing him away, but Harry, Spot and Amy convinced him that Stanley's just a little frog. After their song "Hey, Little Froggy", Earl apologized to Stanley for getting scared and angry and rudely shooing him away and the frog accepts his apology by croaking and he and Earl are friends along with Harry, Spot, Amy and their music star friends. Even his older brother Joey Earwax and their friends Stinky Jones and Mr. Conrad (Harry's upcoming teacher) despite being confused who Stanley is are still friends with him. He also makes a guest appearance in the TV episode movie Journey Birthday Boy and the home video Get Up and Dance.

Songs About FrogsEdit

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