Sherrie Amy Lynnette Swafford is Steve Perry's girlfriend and Harry D. Rabbit's, Harry's dog Spot's, Earl Earwax's and Amy Fourpaws's good friend as well. She is one of the guest stars, guest characters and main guest tritagonists and is voiced by herself. She is seen in blonde hair with bangs and normally braided in pigtails. Swafford is liked now by the other members of Journey after the other kids Earl's older brother Joey Earwax and Stinky Jones introduced themselves to her as well starting to like him as well after she was rescued along with Mr. Conrad and Wendy Wong by Harry and his friends who defeated the evil bully Chucky Barnes and the next day, she was introduced to Kenny Loggins and is also a party guest of Earl's 8th birthday party at Earl's Journey Concert at the stadium. Her favorite costume is a Native Indian princess Tiger Lily which she plays in Peter Pan and her favorite Halloween costume is an angel which she always wears for Halloween when she goes trick-or-treating with her Journey front man boyfriend and their friends; the kids and other music stars as well. Swafford appears in National Pet Day where she and Perry did cat tricks with their cats Toshka and Tonja and had a good time there even though she and Toshka placed 6th. She also appears in Harry's Beach Talent Show as a talenter and her favorite character of Harry and Friends Presents The Jungle Book is Bagheera the Leopard Cub (voiced by Earl Earwax).

  • Favorite Song from the Beach Talent Show: "Oh, Sherrie" and "We Are The World"
  • Trolls the Musical Role: Bridget the kind and friendly bergen and main tritagonist of Trolls the Musical.
  • Costume: Native Indian Princess Tiger Lily
  • Halloween costume: Angel costume
  • National Pet Day Bottom Two Appearances: Only time with her boyfriend Steve Perry and was eliminated
  • 32nd Annual National Pet Day Placer: 6th Placer of the 32nd Annual National Pet Day Show
  • Birthday: February 23
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Favorite Color: Turquoise Blue, Pink and Yellow

Harry's Beach Talent Show Acts:Edit

  • 4. "Strung Out" (in her blue Mexican dancing dress and hair in pigtails braided in loops with bows)
  • 5. "Put Your Little Foot, Right There" (with Harry, Billy, Spot, Amy, Olivia, Earl, Steve and Stinky in her red short sleeved T-shirt, her blue ribbon necklace with a pink heart, purple knee length shorts and hair down with a half-ponytail with a red bow)
  • 7. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (with Cyndi and Amy and other girls and dressed in a green dress and hair down with half-pigtails)
  • 8. "Oh, Sherrie" (when she comes onstage in a white dress and hair down)
  • 9. "Twelve O'clock Rock" (as a backup tap dancer still in a white dress, tap shoes and hair in a ponytail)
  • 10. " We Are The World" (with everybody dressed in a normal yellow T-shirt and normal blue overalled dress, her blue ribbon necklace with a pink heart and normal braided pigtails)

We're Dancing Now Songs:


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