Ruff's Bone is the number fifth Living Books PC Rom Game and it was based on the 1993 book by Eli Noyes and the CD Rom was released in February 7, 1994. It is the second in the series to be an original story rather than an old one adapted years later. The story is about a dog named Ruff, who fetches his bone that was thrown by his master.


When Ruff is ready to fetch his Sunday morning bone, his master accidentally throws it over the fence into their neighbour, Slim's yard. Ruff goes to search for it, but when he finally notices it, it falls into a treewhich leads him underground and into a bruh


Ruff's Bone
Living Books - Titles-Ruff's Bone.
Living Books CD Rom (1994)


April 3, 1994








Little Monster at School


The New Kid on the Block



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  • Like The Tortoise and the Hare and Harry and the Haunted House, this is another Living Books game that was not based on other people's books, and the first one to be an entirely original story (as mentioned above). But, the art style was sloppier and wasn't really the same as these other two games because it was actually created by Eli Noyes, who produced the 1964 short film Clay. This game was also produced by Colossal Pictures.
  • This game uses an entirely custom credits sequence and not the usual jazz one just like Green Eggs and Ham, Arthur's Computer Adventure, and D.W. the Picky Eater.
  • A preview for this game is featured on V1.1 of Just Grandma and Me and Arthur's Teacher Trouble, and both versions of The Tortoise and the Hare and The New Kid on the Block.
  • The running gag in this game is Ruff's actual bone, though it's not hiding on every page and is entirely absent on the ninth page where Ruff is climbing up the ladder.
  • Ruff only speaks by barking, even onto the title home-page; instead of him speaking English, an off-screen character says it.
  • This game along with Harry and the Haunted House was being featured in Brutal-moose's review of the Living Books series.

video Edit

Living Books - Ruff's Bone06:39

Living Books - Ruff's Bone


Ruff: Bone Where Are You (Sniffs)

Ruff: Here's 1st Bone

Ruff: (Finds Grandma) That's Not A Bone

Grandma: Hello Ruff

Ruff: There It Is Climbs Up

(Ruff Climbs The Ladder)

Ruff: Here It Is Got It

(Ruff Goes Down The Ladder)


Snakes And Ladders

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