The Park Plaza Natural History Museum is a museum filled with old things like dinosaur Exhibit because Stinky Jones loves dinosaurs so much, reptiles Exhibit, Whale and Other Undersea Creature Exhibit, ancient Egyptian Exhibit, animal Exhibit, vehicles Exhibit and Indians and Vikings Exhibit. Stinky and his grandpa James Earl always go there every spring and summer year because it's his favorite place of all time. Harry D. Rabbit, his dog Spot, Earl Earwax and Amy Fourpaws have gone there with them too. There is also a café and gift shops too.


  • 1st Floor: Vehicles Exhibit
  • 2nd Floor: Whale and Other Undersea Creature Exhibit and Animals Exhibit
  • 3rd Floor: Reptiles Exhibit and Ancient Egyptians Exhibit
  • 4th Floor: Dinosaur Exhibit
  • 5th Floor: Indians and Vikings Exhibit


  • 4th Floor: Café
  • All Floors: Gift Shop


The Shiest Kid Around (Season 1, Episode 4, April 14, 1995)

  • Stinky Jones: Grandpa, do you know anything about dinosaur bones?
  • Grandpa James Earl: No. Not really. But dinosaurs lived a long time ago.

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