William Daniel "Bill" Conrad is Harry D. Rabbit's upcoming teacher at Park Plaza Elementary School and is also Harry's good friend. He is Crispin Conrad's nephew, a college graduate and is voiced by Nicolas Cage in his television and voice acting debut Harry and Friends. Mr. Conrad gets Chucky Barnes the bully in trouble for bullying other kids and for breaking all the rules and has his principal uncle Crispin Conrad expel Chucky for doing something naughty. He makes his first appearance in the 9th episode Guitar Accident where he gave the red guitar to Harry as a mail package. He makes a guest appearance in the home video special Harry's Beach Talent Show where his favorite song is "The Locomotion". His birthday is July 18 and his zodiac sign is Cancer and his eyes are blue-green like Harry's. His favorite color is turquoise blue and his favorite foods are Greek food and ice cream especially strawberry. Mr. Conrad has an older brother Nicholas "Nick" Conrad who is engaged to his fiancé Daria Danielle Courtney Davidson and also a substitute teacher in Park Plaza Elementary School and a younger sister Sherrie Conrad who is a sophomore in college and Jenny Fourpaws's, Danny Rabbit's and Olivia Rabbit's babysitter and his parents are Julie (nee: Page) and Dave Conrad and his maternal grandparents are Kristen and Lucas Page and his paternal grandparents are Jessica and Earl Conrad. His both paternal great-grandparents died when he was 8 years old and both of his maternal great-grandparents died when he was in college. He is also good friends with Spot, Harry's dog, due to his love of dogs and his favorite singer is Kenny Loggins (who he met and befriended ever since while Mr. Conrad was having Greek lunch when he was Harry's age: 8 years old) and he likes Loggins' songs "Don't Fight It (along with Steve Perry the singer of Journey)" which Earl Earwax also likes a lot, "We Are The World" and of course "Footloose".

Mr. Conrad owns a pet goldfish Casaba and loves him, other fishes and of course dogs especially Spot even though his family and brother's fiancé are not allowed to have dogs in their house or his brother's house because his brother Nick is allergic to dog fur. He also likes the band Journey a lot especially Ross Valory and Jonathan Cain and was invited and a party guest at Earl's Journey Birthday Concert Party and his favorite Journey songs are "Don't Fight It", "Separate Ways", "Don't Stop Believing", "Do You Recall" and "Who's Crying Now". Mr. Conrad first met the other kids Amy Fourpaws, Earl Earwax and his brother The Hare and Stinky Jones at the Louisa Street Wharf. He also first met the lead singer of Journey Steve Perry and his girlfriend Sherrie Swafford who was rescued along with him and Wendy Wong as well as the other Journey members in Earl's birthday concert. Mr. Conrad is seen with a turquoise blue short sleeved collared T-shirt and white khaki pants. He is smart like Harry and brave like Amy and likes fish but no piranhas. His favorite dances are "The Locomotion" and Kenny Loggins-type dances and his favorite troll is Branch. Mr. Conrad can't stand people who smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. He is a big fan of dogs and loves them a lot especially Harry's dog Spot but his brother Nick has allergies to dog fur.

Also in National Pet Day, Mr. Conrad first met one of Harry's favorite singers and music star friends Billy Joel who sang the national anthem "You Maybe Right, I Maybe Crazy" and hosted the show. He and his goldfish Casaba did fish tricks but they ended up in 8th place, but they still had fun though. He also guest talented on the 10th and final act of Harry's Beach Talent Show called We Are The World with everybody.


Name: William Daniel "Bill" Conrad

Birthday: July 18th

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Home: Terrible-looking old house

Eyes: Blue-green

Parents: Julianna Fiona "Julie" (nee: Page) and David Kim "Dave" Conrad

Siblings: Nick Conrad (older brother, 27 years old, substitute teacher of Park Plaza Elementary School, engaged to his fiancé) and Sherryl Rose "Sherrie" Conrad (younger sister, 19 years old, college student, Olivia's good friend and babysitter)

Other Family: Daria Danielle Courtney Davidson (future sister-in-law, 26 years old, Nick's fiancé), Crispin Conrad (uncle), Kristen and Lucas Page (maternal grandparents), Jessica and Earl Conrad (paternal grandparents), Great-Grandparents (all deceased), Other Aunts and Uncles, Cousins

Fears: Spiders, Lizards, Piranhas, Mosquitos, Bees

Allergies: Peanuts, Strawberries and Dust

Pet Peeves: People who smoke cigarettes and people who drink alcohol

Favorite Place: Park Plaza Park

National Pet Day Placer: 8th Placer of the 32nd Annual National Pet Day show

Favorite Color: Turquoise blue

Favorite Food: Greek food and Strawberry Ice Cream

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry

Favorite Holiday: Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Independence Day

Favorite Song from the Beach Talent Show: "The Locomotion"

Favorite Singer: Kenny Loggins (who he first met and befriended when Mr. Conrad was 8 years old)

Favorite TV Show: Animal Face-Off (24 seasons, 180 episodes)

The Jungle Book Role: Baloo the bear (voice)

Pets: Casaba (goldfish)

Favorite Troll: Branch

Favorite Dance: "The Locomotion", Kenny Loggins-type Dances

Favorite Music CDs: High Adventure (Kenny Loggins), Escape (Journey), Frontiers (Journey)

Likes: Pet Dogs especially Spot, Casaba, Harry D. Rabbit, Amy Fourpaws, Earl Earwax, Joey "The Hare" Earwax, Stinky Jones, Wendy Wong, Kenny Loggins, Strawberry Ice Cream, Family trips, Pet Cats, Both healthy and unhealthy foods, Surprises, Juice, Soda, Milk, Water, Toys, Animals like Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Elephants, Snakes, Crocodiles, Bears, Alligators, Antelopes, Gazelles, Fishing Cats, Cougars, Cheetahs, Leopards, Bison, Sharks, Snow Leopards, Whales (especially Orca Whales, Beluga Whales, Humpback Whales, Sperm whales and Blue Whales), Wolves, Jaguars, Hippos, Birds, Rhinos, Squids, Gorillas and Walruses, Animal Face Off, "The Locomotion"

Dislikes: When friends misbehave or break the rules, bullies especially Chucky Barnes who keeps on bullying, Pet lizards and other lizards, Spiders, Bees, Mosquitos, Piranhas, People who smoke pots or cigarettes or drink alcohol

Favorite Wild Animal: Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, Tigers, Antelopes, Gazelles, Crocodiles, Snakes (especially Anacondas, Saw-scaled Vipers, Rattlesnakes, Death Adders, Reticulated Pythons, Tiger Snakes, Sea Snakes, Black Mambas, Taipans and Cobras), Cheetahs, Leopards, Cougars, Fishing Cats, Servals, Snow Leopards, Jaguars, Alligators, Bears (especially Grizzlies, Pandas, Polar Bears and Black Bears), Bison, Sharks, Manatees, Humpback Whales, Beluga Whales, Sperm Whales, Orca Whales, Wolves, Gorillas, Dolphins, Blue Whales, Rhinos, Hippos, Walruses, Birds (especially Vultures, Macaw Parrots, Owls, Hummingbirds and Condors), Squids

Harry's Beach Talent Show Acts:Edit


Guitar Accident (Season 1, Episode 9, June 9, 1995)

  • Harry D. Rabbit (narrating as the episode opens): It's the first day of summer vacation. We all have excited news including everybody most of the time. But sometimes we all cause accidents on anything we have from the mail. It was 9:00am on a Saturday morning and I'm so excited because my good friend and neighbor the upcoming teacher Mr. Conrad is having a very big surprise for me.
  • Mr. Conrad: (first line) Okay, Mr. Casey. (and pulls the mail package out of the mail truck) I hope Harry likes it right now.
  • Crispin Conrad (first line): Bill. Bill, don't forget to hand your good friend the mail. It will be a surprise.
  • Mr. Conrad: I won't forget it, uncle. Harry will like this mail package.
  • (doorbell rings)
  • (Harry hears Mr. Conrad calling him to get the mail package)
  • Mr. Conrad: (after pulling the package from the mail package truck) Harry! Harry, come here!
  • Harry D. Rabbit: I'm coming! (and opens the door)
  • Mr. Conrad: I have a surprise for you from the mail. (holds out a package for Harry)
  • Harry D. Rabbit: (opens the package from the mail) Wow, what's this?
  • Mr. Conrad: It's a guitar!
  • Harry D. Rabbit: (holds his red guitar) Wow, it's red.
  • Mr. Conrad: Your favorite color.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Is this for me?
  • Mr. Conrad: Yes, it's for you.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: (hugs Mr. Conrad) Thank you, Mr. Conrad.
  • Mr. Conrad: You're welcome.
  • Spot: (barking)
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Mr. Conrad, this is my dog Spot.
  • Mr. Conrad: Spot, you're such a good dog and good boy.
  • Spot: (barking)
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Mr. Conrad, could you have your own dog in your house and your brother's hotel room?
  • Mr. Conrad: Oh, I love dogs, Harry, but my family and my brother's fiancé are not allowed to have dogs in either our house or my brother's hotel room because my brother Nick is allergic to dog fur.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Your pet goldfish Casaba is perfect.
  • Mr. Conrad: He's so cute and I love pet fishes and I love dogs too especially your dog Spot.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Wow, I didn't know you got a pet fish.
  • Mr. Conrad: Yeah. I gotta go now. See you soon, Harry. Don't forget to practice!
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Bye, Mr. Conrad.
  • Mr. Conrad: Oh, and one more thing. Don't let anything happen to it.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Don't worry. I'll be careful. (and closes the door.)
  • (After Harry receives a package, Mr. Conrad's substitute teacher big brother Nick and university student little sister Sherrie greet him)
  • Nick Conrad: Bill!
  • Sherrie Conrad: Bill!
  • Mr. Conrad: Nick, Sherrie, hi! I handed Harry his package and I also met and befriended his dog Spot. I love dogs.
  • Sherrie Conrad: I understand but we're not allowed to have dogs in our house or Nick's hotel room.
  • Mr. Conrad: And why is that?
  • Nick Conrad: Because of dog fur. You know I'm allergic to dog fur!
  • Mr. Conrad: Dog fur?
  • Nick Conrad: Yes. Dog fur makes me sneeze a lot. (sneezing) AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-ACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • Mr. Conrad: Bless you.
  • Sherrie Conrad: Bless you.

Journey Birthday Boy (Season 1, Episode 11, July 14, 1995, TV movie, telefilm)

The Jukebox and The Kids Meet Mr. Conrad When The Episode Movie Opens

  • ("Any Way You Want It" ends and Harry stands by the jukebox)
  • Harry D. Rabbit (hosting): Hi, I'm Harry D. Rabbit. Oh, and guess what? Earl's Journey birthday party is coming up and the band Journey is coming to join us too. Come have a Journey Birthday Party adventure with me and my friends. Are you ready? Good. Let's go.
  • Harry and Friends
  • Journey Birthday Boy

  • (The episode movie opens with The Journeymen rehearsing)
  • (Harry, Spot, Stinky and Amy enjoying the view at the wharf when they're interrupted by Earl's music and Earl and his brother The Hare call them all to listen to that)
  • Harry D. Rabbit (narrating): We're getting ready for Earl's birthday party and one of his favorite bands of all time is Journey. All the band members are joining us, but how hard can it be? Let's find out. I wonder what he's doing, I'm so excited for Earl's birthday party and everyone wants to party with anything. Earl's arm is better now and he's ready to skateboard and I'm happy he doesn't need a cast on anymore.
  • Stinky Jones: Wow, look at the Louisa Street Wharf.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: We haven't gone to that wharf before. It's beautiful.
  • Amy Fourpaws: Yeah, that's right.
  • Spot: (barking)
  • ("Separate Ways" plays)
  • Spot: (barking)
  • Stinky Jones: What's that noise?
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Let's find out.
  • Amy Fourpaws: Yeah, but who did it?
  • Earl Earwax: Hey, guys, listen to this!
  • Joey Earwax aka The Hare: What are you waiting for?
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Earl, what are you doing here?
  • Earl Earwax: It's a boom box with music made by Journey. Check it out!
  • (Earl and his brother The Hare show their friends the music by Journey)
  • Spot: (barks in confusion)
  • Stinky Jones: Who's Journey?
  • Harry D. Rabbit: I don't know who Journey is.
  • Amy Fourpaws: Is it a trip or vacation?
  • Earl Earwax: Um, well, uh, no. It's a music group I like and I know of them.
  • Harry D. Rabbit, Stinky Jones and Amy Fourpaws: Oh, we know of them too but we don't know them yet.
  • Spot: (whimpering)
  • Earl Earwax: I know it's new, but you're gonna have to trust me.
  • Joey Earwax aka The Hare: Me too. Give it a try.
  • Amy Fourpaws: Don't worry, we will get to know them.
  • Earl Earwax: And guess what? I know their names and their names are Steve Perry, Ross Valory, Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon and Steve Smith.
  • Harry D. Rabbit and Amy Fourpaws: Wow!
  • Earl Earwax: Oh, and one more thing. My birthday party is coming soon and it's two days away and you guys are invited.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: We will.
  • Stinky Jones: Wow!
  • Amy Fourpaws: This is gonna be sweet!
  • Spot: (barking in excitement)
  • Joey Earwax aka The Hare: You guys are right!
  • (Just then a voice comes from behind them and it is Mr. Conrad)
  • Mr. Conrad: (coming to meet the kids) Hi, Harry. Hi, Spot.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Hi, Mr. Conrad.
  • Spot: (barking)
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Mr. Conrad, these are my friends, Amy Fourpaws, Earl Earwax and his brother Joey aka The Hare and Stinky Jones.
  • Mr. Conrad: Hi, kids.
  • Amy Fourpaws, The Hare and Earl Earwax and Stinky Jones: Hi, Mr. Conrad.
  • Mr. Conrad: What music are you kids listening to?
  • Amy Fourpaws: We're listening to music by the band Journey. Steve Perry is my favorite of Journey and he's the lead singer with his necklace which I love and he still wears for good luck. He's one of my favorite singers of all time.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Mine too. He's the best singer in all of the band Journey and he has the same favorite ice cream flavor as me and also the same favorite color as me.
  • Earl Earwax: Yeah, I like him too because his hair's shorter than before like the album Frontiers I have and he's a vegetarian like my family and I all are.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: What about you guys, Hare, Stinky and Mr. Conrad?
  • Joey Earwax aka The Hare: I like the bassist Ross Valory, the guitarist Neal Schon and the keyboardist Jonathan Cain because they're the ones I like best.
  • Stinky Jones: I love the drummer Steve Smith aka Mr. Smith because he's my favorite.
  • Mr. Conrad: I like Ross Valory and Jonathan Cain because they're the best ones I like and they rock

this out.

  • Harry D. Rabbit: How 'bout you, Spot? You like all of the members of Journey?
  • Spot: (barking)
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Good dog, Spot.
  • Earl Earwax: (hands out the birthday invitation to Mr. Conrad) Mr. Conrad, here my birthday invitation that means you can come to my Journey birthday party in two days away.
  • Mr. Conrad: Thank you, Earl. I'll see you later, kids and Spot.
  • Joey Earwax aka The Hare, Earl Earwax and Stinky Jones: Bye, Mr. Conrad, we love you!
  • Amy Fourpaws: Bye, Mr. Conrad!
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Bye!
  • Spot: (barking)
  • Joey Earwax aka The Hare: I gotta go too. I'll see you guys later. I gotta meet Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon and Ross Valory.
  • Harry D. Rabbit, Amy Fourpaws, Earl Earwax and Stinky Jones: Bye, Hare!
  • Spot: (barking)
  • Earl Earwax: I gotta skateboard along the wharf.
  • ("Chain Reaction" plays)
  • Earl Earwax: (puts on his skateboarding helmet and grab his skateboard) Alright, I'm ready. Here I go! (he skateboard along the wharf)
  • Stinky Jones: Go, Earl!
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Go, Earl!
  • Amy Fourpaws: Go, Earl! Look at him go!
  • Spot: (barking)
  • (Earl skateboards too fast)
  • Earl Earwax: Uh-oh, I don't know how to stop!
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Earl, slow down!
  • Amy Fourpaws: You could bump into someone!
  • Earl Earwax: I'm trying, but I just can't STOOOOOOOOP!
  • (Earl accidentally knocks the Journey front man Steve Perry down after bumping into him, causing him to fall onto the ground)
  • Steve Perry: (first line) Whoa! (grunts) Hey, watch where you're going, little boy!
  • Earl Earwax: Sorry! I'm sorry! It's my fault!
  • Harry D. Rabbit, Stinky Jones and Amy Fourpaws: (all gasp)
  • Steve Perry (his hair messes up): (groans)

Earl's Birthday Party

  • Mr. Conrad: Hi, kids! Hi, Spot!
  • Kids: Hey, Mr. Conrad!
  • Spot: (barking)
  • (Mr. Conrad first meets Steve Perry the lead singer of Journey, his girlfriend Sherrie Swafford and the other Journey members as well)

National Pet Day (Season 1, Episode 15, August 11, 1995)

Harry's Beach Talent Show (Home Video, August 15, 1995)

Act 6: The Locomotion

  • Audience (after the Locomotion act is over): (clapping and cheering)
  • Mr. Conrad: Harry! Harry! (He gets out of his seat from the audience, runs to Harry, hugs him and is very proud of him doing "The Locomotion" despite the shock of his face) Harry! Good job! I don't know what to do without you.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Well, sometimes, you usually say you don't know what to do with me.
  • Mr. Conrad: Today, you did good. (and hugs his future student) I'm very proud of you, Harry.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: See I knew I'm a very good leader. Did you hear the song "The Locomotion"?
  • Mr. Conrad: Yes, Harry, it came out ever since I was your age 8 years old. I've always heard this one ever since because it's my favorite song from your beach talent show. I'm proud of you, kids, for trying it out.
  • Harry D. Rabbit, Amy Fourpaws, Earl Earwax and Stinky Jones: Thanks, Mr. Conrad.

Our New Teacher (Season 1, Episode 18, September 1, 1995)

  • Harry D. Rabbit (narrating): Summer vacation, Labor Day and Tuesday off are over and it's time for school and Mr. Conrad is now our new teacher.

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