Michael Joseph Jackson (born August 29, 1958) is a music star friend of Stinky Jones. He is voiced by himself. Jackson made his first guest appearance in the bathroom at Earl's funeral home and first met and befriended Stinky after Stinky used the toilet. He also has a lot of siblings he loves including Janet and his favorite character of Harry and Friends Presents The Jungle Book is Hathi Jr. the elephant calf (voiced by Stinky Jones). He also appears in Harry's Beach Talent Show.

  • Favorite Song from the Beach Talent Show: "Twelve o'clock Rock"
  • Favorite Costume: Prince costume

Harry's Beach Talent Show Acts:Edit


At the bathroom:

  • (In the bathroom, Stinky uses the toilet to pee and poop in. He gets off the toilet and sees his favorite Jackson singer Michael Jackson after using the toilet.)
  • Stinky Jones: (after using the toilet) Hi. I'm Stanley Jones but my friends and family call me Stinky.
  • Michael Jackson: (first line) Hi, Stinky. I'm Michael Jackson, your favorite Jackson singer.
  • Stinky Jones: Hey, Michael, I didn't know you were still in the bathroom. What type of siblings do you have?
  • Michael Jackson: I have a lot of brothers and sisters I love including Janet, do you?
  • Stinky Jones: No. I'm an only child in my apartment, but I'm close to my baby stepsister Leah when visiting my dad's house.
  • Michael Jackson: Is Leah Jones, your baby stepsister on your dad's side?
  • Stinky Jones: Yes. She loves your sister Janet Jackson and I'm a big fan of you. Friends?
  • Michael Jackson: Yes, Stinky.
  • Stinky Jones: Are you going to join us for Mochi's funeral?
  • Michael Jackson: (heads out of the bathroom) Of course. I'll see you later at the funeral, Stinky!
  • Stinky Jones: (washing his hands) Bye, Michael! I love you!
  • Michael Jackson: (walking out the bathroom door) I love you too!
  • (Stinky is finished washing and hands. He dries his hands with a paper towel and heads out of the bathroom.)