Merry Christmas, Harry and Friends is the 24th and final episode and the 3rd TV movie of Harry and Friends. The TV movie aired December 15, 1995 and came out on VHS December 22, the same year and on DVD October 24, 2000.


It's Christmas break and Harry D. Rabbit and his friends are getting ready for Christmas. He is so happy for Christmas he invites his friends to his house for mealtime and sleepover on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. One of Harry's friends and love-interest Amy Fourpaws accidentally eats some of his Christmas cookies without permission so she apologizes to him for that and he forgives her. His dog Spot also loves Christmas especially presents. But one of Harry's friends Billy Joel is the only friend of his who doesn't celebrate Christmas because he's Jewish so Harry teaches him about it. Harry and his friends must save Christmas from the evil bully Chucky Barnes.

Scene SelectionEdit

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