Mary Christina Queresma-Perry is the mother of the Journey front man Steve Perry and the wife of his dad Ray Perry and step-dad Marv. She was good friends with Earl Earwax's parents until they passed away of leukemia when he was three and she is also best friends with Earl's Aunt Shira Earwax. When her son was a young boy on his birthday, she presented him with a shiny yellow eighth note necklace which he still wears for good luck.

The Funeral Of Howard RabbitEdit

Queresma-Perry visited Harry D. Rabbit's great-grandpa Howard Rabbit at his nursing home along with her husband Marv, all of Harry's family members, Amy Fourpaws's sisters Molly and Jenny, dad and grandma, some of Earl's family members and Stinky's mom and grandpa. She and the others gasped and were shocked when Howard complained of being sick and collapsed on the floor. He died of bronchopneumonia at the age of 95. Queresma-Perry and the others attended his funeral on the day of Earl's 8th birthday party (July 26th) and they all sang "Faithfully" by Journey during the funeral. She accidentally called Shira who was on her cell phone during Earl's Journey birthday concert party performance which disrupts the performance.

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