Louisa Street Wharf is a wharf where the band Journey made the music video "Separate Ways". Also, Harry D. Rabbit, his dog Spot and their friends Amy Fourpaws, Earl Earwax, Earl's brother Joey and Stinky Jones arrived there for Earl's 8th birthday party at Earl's Journey Birthday Party Concert for the July 17-30 vacation (2 vacation weeks). This is Earl's favorite place of all time. It is located next the Louisa Street Bakery where the kind and friendly Baker Danny Oink works as a baker there and Louisa Street Stadium where it holds Earl's 8th Journey birthday party.


The Louisa Street Wharf is colored blue and orange.

Where The Kids and Spot Meet Journey Members Along With SwaffordEdit

  • Joey "The Hare" Earwax first met Jonathan Cain the keyboardist, Neal Schon the guitarist and Ross Valory the bassist inside at the Louisa Street Wharf. Cain, Schon and Valory are Joey's favorite three members of Journey.
  • Harry D. Rabbit, Spot and Amy Fourpaws first met Steve Perry the singer of Journey and befriended him outside at the Louisa Street Wharf after playing along the wharf: Spot was dog-sat by Amy, Amy jumped rope and Harry accidentally hit Perry with his scooter while riding it fast and forgot to watch out where he was going. Perry is Harry's favorite member of Journey because he thinks Perry is the best singer in all of Journey and shares his same favorite color: Red and didn't know that his necklace was his birthday gift and believes it's so cool. Perry is Amy's favorite member of Journey too especially when she calls him "Steve R.P." as a nickname and loves his necklace so much too.
  • Earl Earwax later met and befriended Perry inside his camper where his hair was cut short two days before Earl's birthday after accidentally knocking him down with his skateboard and also met his girlfriend Sherrie Swafford. The next day, he befriended the other members who didn't like him or Swafford at first but liked him after apologizing to him for being mean and rude to him and Swafford after she met, knew and befriended the other kids (Harry, Joey, Stinky and Amy) and Harry's dog Spot after being rescued along with Mr. Conrad by the kids and the Journey men. Perry is Earl's favorite member of Journey as well.
  • Stinky Jones first met Steve "Mr. Smith" Smith the drummer outside at night after the campfire and loves Smith because Smith is Stinky's favorite member of Journey and also calls him "Stinky-Jonesey".
  • Spot first met Perry along with Harry and Amy outside at the wharf. He also first met Schon, Smith, Valory and Cain at night the next day before Earl's 8th Journey birthday party. Perry, Schon, Valory, Smith and Cain are his favorite Journey members because he likes them all. Valory hates dogs that slobber but he loves Spot because Spot is the only dog who doesn't slobber.

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