Kenneth Clark "Kenny" Loggins (born January 7) is a singer and music star friend of both Earl Earwax and Mr. Conrad and best friend of Journey front man Steve Perry. He is voiced by himself. He first met and befriended Earl at his concert the next day after Earl broke his arm while skateboarding and was taken by an ambulance to the Park Plaza Hospital where his arm was wrapped in a cast. Loggins appears in Journey Birthday Boy where Harry introduced him to his dog Spot and he got a nickname for Spot "Spotty-boy". He joined the kids, Spot and the band Journey at Earl's 8th birthday party as a birthday party guest along with the Journey's Steve Perry's girlfriend Sherrie Swafford. Loggins also broke his arm and was taken by an ambulance to the same hospital Earl was taken to. He also appears in the finale of Harry's Beach Talent Show where he has his arm in a sling and even sings "We Are The World" with the others. He is seen in a green collared T-shirt with yellow stars, blue hooded vest and blue jeans and yellow and red sneakers. Next to Steve Perry, he is Earl's favorite singer of all time and along with Perry, he performed "Don't Fight It" which Earl likes a lot. His favorite costume is his pirate costume and his favorite character of Harry and Friends Presents The Jungle Book is Baloo the Bear (voiced by Mr. Conrad).

  • Favorite Song from the Beach Talent Show: "Strung Out"
  • Favorite Costume: Pirate costume
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • First Appearance: Skateboarding Competition

Harry's Beach Talent Show Acts:Edit


Skateboarding Competition (Season 1, Episode 7, May 5, 1995)

Earl Meets Kenny At The Concert With His Right Arm In A Cast

  • Earl Earwax: Excuse me! Hello! And who are you?
  • Kenny Loggins: My name is Kenny Loggins.
  • Earl Earwax: (gives handshake and befriends him) Hi, Kenny, I'm Earl Earwax. You're my favorite and I'm a very good skateboarder but my arm is in a cast. I didn't know your concert was really on a roll.
  • Kenny Loggins: Hey, Earl, what's the problem?
  • Earl Earwax: (shows him his arm in a cast) I fell down while I was skateboarding and broke my arm yesterday. That means I can't skateboard right now.
  • Kenny Loggins: Sorry to hear that, Earl.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: (appears skateboarding) I can skateboard!
  • Earl Earwax: Kenny, this is my friend Harry D. Rabbit.
  • Kenny Loggins: Hey, Harry, how's it going?
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Pretty good. Hi. Come on, Earl, I have a skateboarding competition to go to and you can watch due to your arm in a cast.
  • Earl Earwax: Uh, okay. Thanks, Harry, you made me feel a lot better. Thanks, Kenny, for your help!
  • Kenny Loggins: You're welcome, Earl. Good luck with the skateboarding competition, Harry!
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Bye! (and the boys head to the skateboarding park)

Journey Birthday Boy (Season 1, Episode 11, July 14, 1995, TV movie, telefilm)

Coming to join the kids, Sherrie, the band Journey and Harry's dog Spot for Earl's 8th birthday party after Steve and Earl introduce Sherrie to the other kids and the other band members start to like her after she was rescued along with Mr. Conrad since yesterday

  • Kenny Loggins (coming onstage with his birthday present for Earl: a pet white mouse with black spots Sherrie and her mouse cage): Happy birthday, Earl!
  • Earl Earwax: Hi, Kenny. (and hugs him)
  • Kenny Loggins: How's your arm?
  • Earl Earwax: Better now. (shows him his now healed arm) See? It's better now and I don't need a cast anymore.
  • Kenny Loggins: That's good news, Earl.
  • Spot: (barking)
  • Sherrie Swafford: Hi, Kenny, I'm glad you made it here and my boyfriend and his fellow members and the kids are here to see you.
  • Kenny Loggins: Thanks, Sherrie.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Hey, Kenny. That's my dog Spot.
  • Kenny Loggins: Hey, Spotty-boy, good boy, Spotty-boy, good dog.
  • Spot: (barking)
  • Stinky Jones: I'm Stinky Jones.
  • Amy Fourpaws: My name's Amy Fourpaws.
  • Joey "The Hare" Earwax: I'm The Hare, Earl's older brother but my real name's Joey Earwax.
  • Kenny Loggins: Hi, Stinky. Hi, Amy. Hi, Joey.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Kenny, you made it here!
  • Kenny Loggins: Thanks, Harry. Where's Steve Perry?
  • Harry D. Rabbit: He's with his fellow Journey members and us.
  • Kenny Loggins: Thanks, Harry. Steve, Steve, where are you?
  • Steve Perry: Right here.
  • Kenny Loggins: I really know it's you, Steve, your hair is awesome. I like that. (and ruffles Steve's hair)
  • Steve Perry: Thanks, Kenny.
  • Kenny Loggins: What's that around your neck?
  • Earl Earwax: What's that? Did you see that?
  • Steve Perry: Yes. I keep that for good luck. (and holds his yellow eighth note necklace so Kenny wants to see just like Amy wanted to see it) It's my necklace.
  • Earl Earwax and Stinky Jones: Whoa!
  • Joey "The Hare" Earwax: Cool.
  • Spot: (barking)
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Wow.
  • Amy Fourpaws: I told him his necklace is pretty like my bow and mine.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Yeah, that's right.
  • Stinky Jones: I guess so.
  • Earl Earwax: Yeah.
  • The Hare: I guess so too.
  • Harry D. Rabbit and Amy Fourpaws: Do you, Spot?
  • Spot: (barking yes)
  • Kenny Loggins: Cute necklace, where'd you get that?
  • Steve Perry: My mom gave it to me.
  • Kids: Wow!
  • Kenny Loggins: Ok, kids, Spot, band members and Sherrie, Earl's Journey birthday concert is starting in ten minutes so get ready.
  • Kids, Sherrie and Band Members: (they high five in a circle) Yeah.
  • Spot: (barking)

Harry's Beach Talent Show (Home Video Special, August 15, 1995)

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