Journey is a band characters. The members are the vocals Steve Perry, bassist Ross Valory, keyboardist Jonathan Cain, guitarist Neal Schon and drummer Steve "Mr. Smith" Smith. They are still in their young 80s look and are all voiced by themselves. They are also the music group that Earl Earwax likes. Earl invited all of them to his 8th birthday party (July 26th). Harry D. Rabbit, Earl Earwax and Amy Fourpaws like Perry a lot especially Amy calls him Steve R.P., while Earl's oldest brother Joey likes Valory, Schon and Cain a lot and Stinky Jones likes Smith a lot especially when he calls him "Mr. Smith" as a nickname. Valory does not like pet dogs unless it's Harry's dog Spot because other dogs slobber on him. Chucky Barnes hates the band Journey and "just doesn't care anything about the band anymore" and says that "if he'd ever see Perry in person, he'd call him and Swafford "jerks" and then he'd tie the other Journey members to a telephone and let Angriness kill them all", but thankfully, Angriness died and was ripped apart and eaten by Spot and Chucky was sent to jail for the rest of the summer vacation. One night, Harry, Amy, Joey and Stinky wrapped all of Earl's birthday presents to save them for Earl's Journey birthday party which is held at Earl's Journey Concert in the Louisa Street Stadium. Meanwhile while meeting and befriending Earl at his camper two days before his 8th birthday (July 26th), Perry had also just gotten his hair cut short which Earl found handsome but Cain found inexplicable the next morning since the singer's previous hairstyle had been rocking. Earl also met and befriended Perry's girlfriend Sherrie Swafford before bedtime. The other members didn't like Swafford at first, but when Swafford met and befriended the other kids, Harry, Joey, Stinky and Amy and Harry's dog Spot after they rescued her from a telephone pole, the other members like her now and realize that she's not so bad after all. Also, Perry is special to three of the kids, Harry, Earl and Amy: Harry shares the favorite color and ice cream flavor as Perry: red and chocolate and he thinks that Perry's the best singer in all of Journey, Earl likes Perry's hair shorter than before and they're both vegetarians too and Amy loves Perry's necklace which he still wears for good luck and of course she handed him the painting she made for him. Amy, Spot and Perry do not like when Harry, Earl, Stinky or the other members argue or don't get along because Amy yells at Harry, Stinky and Earl that "This argument is stupid!" and the boys listen and Perry yells at the other members that "Hey! This argument is definitely stupid!" the other members listen too. Also Kenny Loggins arrived invited onstage to join the kids, Perry, other members, Spot and Swafford at Earl's 8th Journey birthday party at Earl's Journey Concert at the Louisa Street Stadium.

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