Howard Rabbit's Funeral is held at Earl's farm funeral home after Harry D. Rabbit's great-grandpa Howard has died of bronchopneumonia at the age of 95 just a week before his 96th birthday (August 4th). The next day (July 25th) a day before Earl's 8th birthday (July 26th), Harry got a phone call from his dad about the bad news that his great-grandpa Howard died of bronchopneumonia yesterday at the age of 95 and was still gonna miss him anyway. He and his family all are but he can't go to the funeral due to Earl's 8th birthday party. On the same day as Earl's 8th birthday (July 26th), many of Harry's family members attended the funeral including his little sister Olivia who phone called him about wishing that he was there, but Harry and his dog Spot could not go due to Earl's 8th birthday party at Earl's Journey Concert with his friends Amy Fourpaws, Joey and Earl Earwax, Stinky Jones and the band Journey.

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