Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson! is a Harry and Friends home video hosted by Harry D. Rabbit and Billy Joel and released September 26, 1995 (the same day Meet The Wongs). It takes place the week before Labor Day and before school on Wednesday.

Plot: Edit

Stinky's favorite singer Michael Jackson is coming to Park Plaza with his parents and siblings to celebrate his birthday with his friends. But Harry, Amy, Spot, Earl and Wendy don't know Michael's family so it's up to Stinky to help them get used to Michael's family.

Jackson Family Members Debut: Edit

  1. Kathy Jackson (Michael's mom)
  2. Joseph Jackson (Michael's dad)
  3. Jackie Jackson (Michael's older brother)
  4. Tito Jackson (Michael's older brother)
  5. Jermaine Jackson (Michael's older brother)
  6. Marlon Jackson (Michael's older brother)
  7. LaToya Jackson (Michael's older sister)
  8. Randy Jackson (Michael's younger brother)
  9. Janet Jackson (Michael's younger sister)

Songs: Edit

  1. Michael's Here!
  2. We Are Family!
  3. Patty Cake!
  4. I Want To Love You
  5. Rock With You
  6. Go In And Out The Window!
  7. Simon Says
  8. Rocking Robin
  9. Happy Birthday To You!
  10. Changing Channels (Come On!)

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