Graham Dent is the director and concert announcer who came all the way from his home in England. He is a good friend of Steve Perry the lead vocals of the band Journey and is voiced by himself. Dent was first seen encountering Earl Earwax about the skateboarding competition. He was later seen angrily scolding Earl for knocking Perry down and they both argued. The arguing ended with Dent slamming the door after entering the building and Earl collapsing to the ground. Later, on the day before Earl's 8th birthday (July 26th), Dent apologized to Earl for getting mad at him and Earl accepted Dent's apology. He told him that every birthday boy needs a finishing touch and after that announced on Earl's Journey Concert. Dent is also the show director and announcer of the musical Broadway show Trolls the Musical where Amy Fourpaws accidentally burped before the show causing the other Trolls the Musical cast members to gasp in shock, Perry to tell Dent that she burped and Dent to tell her the rule: No burping allowed causing Amy to apologize. He hates being called names like "4 eyes" and "big oaf", burping and when everybody including Amy Fourpaws burps.


  • Likes: His glasses, Directing, Concert Announcing
  • Dislikes: Being called names like "4 eyes" and "big oaf", Burping, When everybody burps
  • Favorite Song from the Beach Talent Show: "Twelve o'clock Rock"

Harry's Beach Talent Show Acts:Edit


Skateboarding Competition (Season 1, Episode 7, May 5, 1995)

Earl Meets Graham

  • Graham Dent: Wait, wait, who are you and how did you find this skateboarding park?!
  • Earl Earwax: Oh, I'm Earl. Earl Stephen Ray Daniel Earwax and I skateboarded all the way here after Harry and I had lunch together.
  • Graham Dent: Well, Earl, good luck with the skateboarding.
  • Earl Earwax: Bye! Thank you! (skateboards to practice for the competition)

Journey Birthday Boy (Season 1, Episode 11, July 14, 1995)

Earl Gets Scolded by Graham and Argues with Him

  • Graham Dent: Steve, Steve, what is the matter?
  • Steve Perry: (gets up) That little Earwax boy knocked me down...... accidentally and my hair is messed up.
  • Graham Dent: Alright, Steve, go in your camper please. I need to have a serious talk with that boy!
  • (After Steve heads to his camper, Earl is distracted while skateboarding)
  • Graham Dent: (after Earl accidentally knocking Steve Perry down) Earl Stephen Ray Daniel Earwax, come here! (Earl takes his helmet off)
  • (record scratches)
  • Earl Earwax: Uh-oh! I'm in trouble now. (and walks to Graham)
  • Graham Dent: (angrily) Earl, what were you doing today?
  • Earl Earwax: Uh, I was skateboarding all day across the wharf and, uh........
  • Graham Dent: (scolding Earl) I can see that, but you were skateboarding too fast and you knocked someone down!
  • Earl Earwax: (arguing) Graham, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it! And it's all MY fault! It was an accident!
  • Graham Dent: (arguing) Go apologize to him, not me! I'm leaving! (and walks to the building)
  • Earl Earwax: (arguing) But, Graham, you don't understand anything around here and besides, it's not fair!
  • Graham Dent: (arguing) No excuses, Earl! Apologize to him and THAT'S FINAL!
  • Earl Earwax (arguing) Graham, what are you talking about?
  • (Graham slams the door in front of Earl)
  • (Earl suddenly collapses)
  • Earl Earwax (collapsing): (groans)
  • (thuds)
  • Earl Earwax (after his collapse): (groans)

Before The Birthday Concert After Earl Got Dressed In a Green Buttoned Collared T-Shirt with Yellow Stars and Blue Jeans For His Birthday Party

  • Graham Dent: Earl, Earl, I'm sorry I got mad at you yesterday.
  • Earl Earwax: (accepts Graham's apology) Oh, that's okay. We all get mad sometimes.
  • Graham Dent: Oh, and one more thing. Every birthday boy needs a finishing touch. (and puts the birthday pin on Earl's birthday shirt) A birthday pin.
  • Earl Earwax: Thanks, Graham.
  • Amy Fourpaws: Graham Dent, my name's Amy Fourpaws!
  • The Hare: I'm The Hare aka Joey Earwax, Earl's older brother.
  • Stinky Jones: Stinky Jones here.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: And I'm Harry D. Rabbit by the way and that's my dog Spot.
  • Spot: (barking)
  • Graham Dent: Hi, kids, Spot and band members, is everybody ready for Earl's 8th Journey birthday party?
  • Kids and Band Members: Yes!
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Just about, Graham, but we'd better put our party hats on first.
  • Graham Dent: You're right, Harry. (sees that there are no party hats left just yet) But where'd they go?
  • Neal Schon: I'm afraid those hats aren't here yet.
  • Ross Valory (arguing): We might as well cancel it.
  • Jonathan Cain (arguing): No way! The show must go on!
  • Neal Schon (arguing): You guys are such fools!
  • Steve "Mr. Smith" Smith (arguing): You guys are idiots!
  • Other members: (all arguing at once)
  • Steve Perry: Hey! This argument is stupid!

(The other members obey Perry and quit arguing so they can perform)

  • Steve Perry: Where are all the party hats?
  • Earl Earwax: Uh-oh! They're gone!
  • Other Band Members: Gone?!
  • Crowd: (gasps)
  • The Hare: They're gone! Oh no!
  • Earl Earwax (screaming): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?
  • Stinky Jones: Oh no! That's not fair. What are we gonna do?
  • All Boys: (groan sadly)
  • Harry D. Rabbit: But we're supposed to bring them and we can't start without them.
  • (Amy brings in party hats)
  • Amy Fourpaws: Don't worry, boys. I brought out our party hats we made this morning.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: (picks his red party hat with white squiggles and a sky blue cotton ball) Good idea, Amy. I'll put mine on. (put his party hat atop his head and baseball hat)
  • The Hare: (picks his sky blue party hat with green sparkles and a purple cotton ball) Me too. Whoooooo!
  • (Stinky puts his yellow party hat orange, white and red spots and an orange cotton ball while the band members put on their party hats with designs and cotton balls atop)
  • Stinky Jones: Oh boy. We can start the party now!
  • Graham Dent: That's right, Stinky, it's time to get this party started. (to Earl) How's yours, Earl?
  • Earl Earwax (placing his green party hat with blue and yellow stars and a green cotton ball on his head): Good, Graham, you're very good at what you did.
  • Graham Dent: Just checking to see how you're doing.
  • Earl Earwax: (about Amy) She's so smart.
  • Steve Perry: She IS a smart kid, Earl. Oh and one more thing. (places the made eighth note necklace on Earl's neck) I want you to have this so I made it for you.
  • Earl Earwax: Wow, I can have this for good luck? Thanks, Steve. (and hugs him)
  • (Graham talks to Amy when she places her purple party hat with pink hearts and light purple flowers and a bright pink cotton on her head behind her bow)
  • Graham Dent: Amy, Amy, how's it going?
  • Amy Fourpaws: Sweet.
  • Graham Dent: Good. Just checking to see how you're doing.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Good job, Amy. It looks so pretty on you.
  • Amy Fourpaws: Thank you. Harry, we know Steve Perry now and we're friends with and happy with him.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Yeah, that's right.
  • Steve Perry: Ok, kids, come here. I need to have an exciting talk with all of you!
  • Graham Dent: Steve's waiting for you!

At Earl's Journey Birthday Concert

Before the Concert starts and when the audience comes in including Earl's Aunt Shira Earwax

  • Graham Dent: It's Earl's birthday today and it's themed Journey album Frontiers so please welcome the band Journey!
  • (crowd clapping and cheering)

After the concert ends and when the audience leaves

  • Graham Dent: Thank you, everybody, for coming to Earl's 8th birthday Journey concert party. Come again!

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