The Funeral House on a Farm is where Earl Earwax lives with family including his three older biological brothers, paternal aunt and farmer grandfather. Sadly both of his parents died of leukemia when he was only 3 years old three years after his adoption from Portugal when he was an orphaned baby. He and his family help out every day on their farm, are allowed to have water, regular soda, milk, juice, eggs and vegetarian foods and aren't allowed to have diet soda due to Earl's allergies, meat products because he and his family are vegetarians and due to Earl's allergies, sour lemons due to Earl's allergies, seafood products because he and his family are vegetarians and due to Earl's allergies, fish due to Earl's allergies or lobsters due to Earl's allergies. They have pets: three dogs, a goldfish, a turtle, a ferret, a hamster and a mouse named Sherrie who he loves very much. His grandfather's dog Spunky died of fleas and ticks two months after giving birth to her puppies. Earl and his family are also not allowed to have pet cats in their funeral home on a farm because his aunt Shira is allergic to cat fur.


Amy Fourpaws's old pet cat Mochi died of old age and he was buried to his funeral coffin. The kids and their family members attended the funeral of Mochi with Stinky Jones's good music star friend Michael Jackson who he met and befriended while in the bathroom.

On July 24 two days before Earl's birthday, Harry D. Rabbit's great-grandpa Howard has died of bronchopneumonia at the age of 95 just a week before his 96th birthday (August 4th). The next evening (July 25), Harry got a phone call from his dad about his great-grandpa who passed away the day before. On the day's Earl's 8th birthday party (July 26), many of Harry's family members; his parents, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents including his little sister Olivia, Amy's family members, some of Earl's family members and Stinky's family members attended the funeral, but due to Earl's 8th birthday party, Harry and his dog Spot missed it which he didn't mind and could not go.

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