Ellenor Jennifer "Ellen" Terry-Fourpaws is one of the main co-tritagonists of Harry and Friends. She is Amy Fourpaws's loving grandmother along with Molly's and Jenny's and a good friend of Harry D. Rabbit. Like her granddaughter Amy, she is brave and doesn't tremble at anything especially bullies. Both of Amy's sisters are sometimes cowards.

Family Life:Edit

Ellen lives in a pink house with her only child and son Oliver and three granddaughters, Molly, Amy and Jenny. Her daughter-in-law Lizzie died of typhoid fever aged 40. Ellen also has a living mom Melissa and living dad David and is the eldest of four children and also the only biological child. She has three adopted younger siblings, Daniel (younger brother, who died in a car accident at the age of 39), Lilly (younger sister, still alive, 65) and Zach (younger brother, still alive, 59).




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