Earl's Journey Concert is held on Earl's 8th birthday (July 26th) in the concert stadium announced by Graham Dent. The band Journey ( Steve Perry, Ross Valory, Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon and Steve Smith) welcomes their new friends: The kids, Earl Earwax the birthday boy, Earl's older brother The Hare aka Joey Earwax, Wendy Samantha Wong, Stinky Andrew Jones, Harry D. Rabbit, Harry's dog Spot and Amy Olivia Fourpaws. Also, Kenny Loggins joins the kids and the band for "Don't Fight It" invited. He presents Earl with a baby white mouse with black spots Sherrie and her mouse cage and Steve's girlfriend Sherrie Swafford and Harry's good friend and upcoming teacher Mr. Conrad join the kids and the members too both invited as well. The kids and the band perform together.


Starting the Party

  • Wendy Wong: The party is starting in a few minutes.
  • Earl Earwax: Crowd, for you own safety, please remember: No Flashed Photography.
  • Stinky Jones: We don't want you taking photos or they'll kick you out.
  • Joey "The Hare" Earwax: Make sure your electronics get put away unless it's a video camera.
  • (photo camera shut off)
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Thank you. Everyone, please turn off all your cell phones at all times, OK?
  • (cell phones shut off)
  • Amy Fourpaws: Thank you. We don't want you talking or texting in the middle of our performance.
  • Earl Earwax: Now, sit back and relax as celebrate my birthday with my brother and all my friends in here. Enjoy!

Please Don't Be A Loser, Silence Your Phone and Protect Yourself

  • (cell phone rings)
  • Stinky Jones: What's that noise?
  • (cell phone ringing again)
  • Spot: (whimpers)
  • Harry D. Rabbit: (gasps)
  • Amy Fourpaws: (gasps)
  • Steve Perry: (gasps)
  • Earl Earwax, The Hare, Mr. Conrad, Audience members, Sherrie Swafford, Kenny Loggins, Neal Schon, Steve "Mr. Smith" Smith, Ross Valory and Jonathan Cain: (all gasp)
  • (Earl's Aunt Shira accidentally picks up her cell phones and answers it from Steve's mom Mary Christina Queresma-Perry, her best friend, which disturbs the performance causing the kids, Spot, Mr. Conrad, Sherrie, Kenny and all the Journey band members to angrily yell at her on a megaphone because she accidentally left her cell phone on)
  • Aunt Shira Earwax: Oh, um, hello.
  • Mary Christina Queresma-Perry (on the phone): Hey, Shira.
  • Aunt Shira Earwax: Hi, Mary, how are you?
  • Audience: Shhhhhhh!
  • Sherrie Swafford: (angrily on a megaphone) Shira Earwax, this is not a joke. I'm serious, Shira, this isn't funny!
  • Kenny Loggins: (angrily on a megaphone) Shira, we told you no cell phones allowed!
  • Neal Schon: (angrily on a megaphone) Shira, we are all mad at you for leaving your cell phone on!
  • Mr. Conrad: (angrily on a megaphone) Put your cell phone down!
  • Jonathan Cain: (angrily on a megaphone) You're not supposed to leave on your cell phone!
  • Steve "Mr. Smith" Smith: (angrily on a megaphone) Turn your phone off!
  • Ross Valory: (angrily on a megaphone) We are so mad at you!
  • Aunt Shira Earwax: What? I can't hear you!
  • Joey Earwax aka The Hare: (angrily on a megaphone) Aunt Shira, what are you doing?!
  • Earl Earwax: (angrily on a megaphone) You know, Aunt Shira, you're supposed to silence your phone!
  • Stinky Jones: (angrily on a megaphone) The show just started already. Turn off your cell phone and put it away or the guards will throw you out the door!
  • Aunt Shira Earwax: Sorry, I didn't mean to leave my phone on. Give me another chance I wasn't listening.
  • Wendy Wong: (angrily on a megaphone) Ok, Miss Earwax, we get it. Your apology and forgiveness are accepted, but we're still mad at you for leaving your phone on and you still need to turn your phone off.
  • Spot: (barking on a megaphone)
  • Harry D. Rabbit: (angrily on a megaphone) You'd better not turn your phone back on or they'll kick you out!
  • Amy Fourpaws: (angrily on a megaphone) These cell phones are stupid and they're ruining our Journey performances and also Earl's Journey birthday party performances and besides, cell phones are not permitted and they're supposed to be turned off! Please silence your phone and put it away!
  • Steve Perry: (angrily on a megaphone) I agree with Kenny, my girlfriend, the other members, Mr. Conrad, Spot and the kids. Put your cell phone away..... right now, alright?!
  • Aunt Shira Earwax: Ok. (groans) Sorry, Mary, your son's performing along with the other members, Kenny, Mr. Conrad, Wendy, Sherrie, Spot, Amy, Harry, Stinky and my nephews and I can't talk to you right now! (groans) (She silences her cell phone and puts it away in her bag)


  • 1. "USA Anthem (I'm Proud To Be An American)" -Opening
  • 2. "Rubicon"
  • 3. "Chain Reaction" (The Hare sings it with Journey)
  • 4. "Who's Crying Now" (Mr. Conrad sings it with Journey)
  • 5. "Harry and Friends Are Here" (Amy sings it with Journey)
  • 6. "If I Was Invisible" (The kids sing it with Journey)
  • 7. "Send Her My Love"
  • 8. "Keep On Running"
  • 9. "Faithfully" (The kids join in)
  • 10. "After The Fall" (Wendy sings it with Journey)
  • 11. "Still They Ride"
  • 12. "Open Arms (Earl's Happy Birthday)"
  • 13. "Strung Out" (Earl sings it with Journey)
  • 14. "Do You Recall" (Harry sings it with Journey)
  • 15. "Wheel In The Sky"
  • 16. "Stone In Love" (Stinky sings it with Journey)
  • 17. "She's Mine"
  • 18. "Hey, Little Froggy" (Harry and Amy sing it with Journey)
  • 19. "Line Of Fire"
  • 20. "Separate Ways"
  • 21. "Don't Fight It" (with Kenny Loggins)
  • 22. "Don't Stop Believing"
  • 23. "Oh, Sherrie" (Harry, Wendy, Earl and Amy sing it with Journey and Sherrie, The Hare and Stinky sing it too)
  • 24. "Any Way You Want It" - Finale

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