Charles Lee "Chucky" Barnes is the main antagonist and villain of the TV series Harry and Friends. He made his first appearance in episode 3 The Barnyard Bully where he bullies Earl Earwax who yells his line "Hey! Cut it out! Hey, watch it!" and he gets grounded for bullying. His next appearance was in the 11th episode of Season 1 Journey Birthday Boy where he, his kinda wicked but mostly kind and friendly girlfriend Claire Lizzard and his wicked pet snake Angriness kidnapped the Journey front-man Steve Perry's girlfriend Sherrie Swafford, tied her up to a telephone pole with Amy's jump rope he stole from the docks and Mr. Conrad and Wendy Wong to the electricity pole with Harry's dog leash he also stole from the docks, gagged her with Amy's jump rope and threatened to bully them to death, but Harry D. Rabbit and his friends stopped him by beating him up, called the police on him to take him away to jail and rescued Swafford from a telephone pole and Mr. Conrad and Wendy from an electricity pole and untied her, Wendy and Mr. Conrad while Harry's dog Spot killed Angriness, biting him to death. He was arrested by the police cops and was sent to Park Plaza Jail for the rest of the summer for bullying Harry and his friends, for stealing Harry's dog leash and Amy's jump rope and for kidnapping Sherrie and threatening to kill her. After jail for the rest of the summer, Chucky also returns in episode 16 of Season 1 Our New Teacher Mr. Conrad where he bullies Harry and calls him "Stupid" and always gets expelled from school for bullying other kids and always gets grounded for life for that. He hates Christmas which upsets him and tries to wreck havoc of it. He is friends with other bullies and is the mortal enemy of Harry D. Rabbit, Harry's dog Spot, Amy Fourpaws, Earl Earwax and Stinky Jones. His birthday is March 1 and zodiac Sign is Pisces. His Halloween costume is the evil warlock costume.


Chucky hates all music by the band Journey especially the CD Evolution. He just doesn't care anything about Journey anymore. And if he ever sees the lead singer Steve Perry in person, he'd want to call him and his girlfriend Sherrie Swafford "jerks". Then he'd tie the other Journey members, Neal Schon, Steve "Mr. Smith" Smith, Ross Valory and Jonathan Cain to a telephone pole with Harry's dog leash and Amy's jump rope they accidentally left behind at the docks, let his pet snake Angriness kill them and wreck Earl's birthday party. He is later in jail and is forced to listen to Journey album Evolution for the rest of his life in his jail cell and he still hates music by the band Journey.


Season 1 1. "It's Good To Be Bad" (The Barnyard Bully, Journey Birthday Boy) 2. "Bullies Bully Anyone" (Our New Teacher) 3. "I Hate Christmas" (Merry Christmas, Harry and Friends)

Season 2

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