Brother Bear: WHOOOOOOOOOO! cried the deep, dark, mysterious cave. WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Sister Bear: Stop! That's enough!

Sister Bear: And then the little kittens...

Brother Bear: Went into the dark cave.

Sister Bear: Brother Bear, stop that!

Papa Bear: Sure is noisy around here tonight.

Brother Bear: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sister Bear: Papa, he's scaring me!

Papa Bear: W-W-What? Brother Bear, what are you doing?!

Brother Bear: Just reading my book, Papa.

Sister Bear: I don't think I like mysteries.

Brother Bear: Scaredy Bear! Scaredy Bear!

Sister Bear: Stop it! stop it!

Brother Bear: Scaredy Bear! Scaredy Bear!

Sister Bear: I'm leaving!

Papa Bear: And that's quite enough of that.

Sister Bear: Brother Bear, does it seem noisier than usual tonight?

Brother Bear: Huh? No.

Papa Bear: I'm just a little bit hungry.

Mama Bear: Hungry, again?

(Papa goes into the food room, eats, hiccups and goes back upstairs)

Frog 1: It was a dark and stormy when...

Frog 2: Ahh! Stop that! You know I hate scary stories!

Frog 3: That's right.

Frog 4: You said it.

Owl 1: Who's there?

Owl 2: Who wants to know?

Owl 1: Who else?

Owl 2 Who are you talking about?

Owl 1: Who cares?

Frog 3: Not again. Every night they do this.

Brother Bear: Wow, what a pile up. Uh, what are you guys doing?

Mama Bear: You know darn well what we're doing.

Papa Bear: You weren't very nice to your sister, Brother Bear.

Sister Bear: Yeah.

Brother Bear: (turns light off)

Sister Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear: Turn that back on!

Brother Bear: (turns light back on and laughs nervously)

(Ants march to the bedroom. The ants stop marching)

Ant Leader: Hold it. Hold it! This isn't the kitchen. How about heist. March!

(Ants march to the kitchen)

(Turns light off itself)

Sister Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear: Brother Bear!

Brother Bear: It wasn't me.

(Turns light back on itself)

Sister Bear: I'm to tired to eat.

Brother Bear: I'm to tired to move.

Sister Bear: I'm to tired to... Keep talking

Brother Bear: I'm to tired to go to school.

Papa Bear: Nice try, Brother Bear.

Brother Bear: I only had three hours of sleep last night.

Papa Bear: That's three more than some of us.

Papa Bear:(picks up an old yellow suit) Oh, lookie here. (Puts on the old yellow suit and starts posing) How do I look?

Sister Bear: (giggles) Now you're scaring me Papa.

Papa Bear: (holds up a picture) Look, Sister Bear a picture of me when I was a young bear on the dive team. (Young Papa Bear jumps off the diving board amd out of the picture and into the box as a pool)

Papa Bear: (holds up another picture) Look, a picture of Brother Bear when he was little. He was so sweet.

Sister Bear: That must have been a long time ago.

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