Aunt Shira Earwax is Earl Earwax's and his older brothers' aunt and is the only younger sister of Earl's late dad Sam Earwax Jr. who died of leukemia when Earl was three. She lives in a Funeral House on a Farm with her four orphaned nephews Joey, Daniel, Mark and Earl and her father Sam Sr. who is also Earl's grandfather. Her favorite color is orange and her favorite food is salad and her birthday is April 2nd and her zodiac sign is Aries. Shira, her father and nephews are not allowed to have pet cats because she is allergic to cat fur. On the day before Earl's birthday, she called her nephews (Joey and Earl) for lunch and they all went to the Italian restaurant where they ate spaghetti and sauce - no meat balls due to Earl's allergies - because he and his family are vegetarians. On her nephew Earl's 8th birthday party (July 26th) at Earl's Journey Concert at the stadium, she sat in the audience with the other audience members in the crowd and everyone except her silenced their cell phones what Harry D. Rabbit and Amy Fourpaws said. Harry's, Earl's and Amy's music star friend and favorite lead singer of Journey, Steve Perry, thanked the kids for starting the opening anthem. Suddenly before the song "Send Her My Love" began to start despite the show just started already, she accidentally picked up her cell phone and answered it from her best friend and Perry's mom Mary Christina Queresma-Perry which accidentally disrupts the band's performance when it rang when Stinky Jones gasps "What's that noise?" causing Harry to gasp in shock, Amy to gasp in shock, Perry to gasp in shock, and Earl, Earl's brother Joey aka The Hare, the other members of Journey (Ross Valory, Steve Smith, Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain), Perry's girlfriend Sherrie Swafford and Kenny Loggins to all gasp in shock as well, the audience to tell her to "shhhhhhh!", Harry's dog Spot to bark at her to silence her phone and the kids, Perry, Swafford, Loggins and the other Journey members to angrily scold her for not silencing her phone because she accidentally left her phone on and luckily, it was a phone-leave-on accident so she obeyed them, couldn't talk on it immediately, silenced her cell phone and put it away so Perry could finish the announcement for "Send Her My Love". After the show was over, she was proud of Perry, Swafford, Loggins the other Journey members, Spot and the kids for celebrating her nephew's 8th birthday at the Journey concert in the stadium.

  • Favorite Song from the Beach Talent Show: "Put Your Little Foot, Right There"

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