Allison Rachelle Johansson is one of the main characters of Harry and Friends. She is a pink-stuff-loving python tomboy kid and voiced by Scarlett Johansson (who also shares the same last name as Allison and also has a sister Vanessa "Nessie" and a brother Hunter) in all seasons of Harry and Friends. Her favorite color is ice pink as she chooses ice pink things such as an ice pink flag, ice pink paint and ice pink paper. Allison is the only character with no arms or legs because she is a python and wears a sleeveless and strapless ice pink dress and ice pink jacket. She made her first appearance in Park Plaza Zoo. She has a younger sister Vanessa "Nessie" (age 5) who is almost a kindergartner and an older brother Hunter (age 15) who is almost a sophomore in Park Plaza High School. She is also friends with Harry D. Rabbit after she apologized to him for bullying him because it was accidental thing to do. Her favorite music are country music and punk rock music. Allison also owns a pet turtle Sprinkles who she loves which means she, her mother, father, older brother and younger sister are not allowed to have dogs, cats, rabbits, birds or guinea pigs because her mother is allergic to dog fur, cat fur, rabbit fur and guinea pig fur and her older brother Hunter is allergic to birds and bird feathers but she also loves dogs including Harry's dog Spot. Her birthday is November 22 and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She competes pet tricks with her friends in the 32nd Annual National Pet Day but did not win the special reward challenge and was eliminated outside the panel. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and she and her family moved away to Park Plaza when she was 8 years old because her old home in Las Vegas was bombed and her uncle's house was bombed and he was killed but she missed him. She is lactose intolerant which means she can't get milk products due to her allergies.

Profile Edit

Name: Allison Rachelle Johansson

Gender: Female

Birthday: November 22nd

Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada

Home: Apartment Building

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Eye Color: Green

Parents: Kristin (nee: Spaulding) and Alexander "Alex" Johansson

Siblings: Vanessa Kaylah "Nessie" Johansson (younger sister) and Hunter Austin Daniel Johansson (older brother)

Other Family: Uncle Stuart Spaulding (died of being bombed at the age of 39), Aunts, Other Uncles, Cousins

Favorite Color: Ice Pink

Favorite Food: Soy Sauce On Sushi

Pets: Sprinkles (turtle)

Allergies: Milk Products (due to her lactose intolerance)

Favorite Singer: Joan Jett, Lee Greenwood, Kenny Loggins

National Pet Day Place: 13th Placer (She won the reward challenge in the first round but was eliminated out of the panel in special reward challenge and failed it and the crowd sadly booed her offstage and she was sent on the floor)

Favorite Sport: Tennis (because she's got a tennis ball, tennis racket and a good fore-tail)

Friends: Harry D. Rabbit (after apologizing to him for not meaning to bully him), Amy Fourpaws, Earl Earwax, Stinky Jones, Wendy Wong, Tilly the orca and all music stars

Enemies: Chucky Barnes, Harry D. Rabbit (before apologizing to him because she accidentally bullied him)

Likes: Making friends, being happy, keeping secrets, the color ice pink

Dislikes: Being booed offstage, people who smoke, being shooed away which makes her sad, being sad

Jungle Book Role: Kaa the cute but creepy tomboy giant Indian girl python (voice)

New School: Park Plaza Elementary School

Trivia Edit

  • Allison's uncle Stuart was bombed and killed by bully Chucky Barnes when she was 8 years old.
  • Allison's voice actress Scarlett Johansson, who is the only remaining voice actress who voices her in every season, also played the voice of Kaa the cute but creepy Indian tomboy girl reticulated python in the future Disney live-action-animated movie The Jungle Book which also co-starred Meaghan Sethi's younger brother Neel Sethi as Mowgli the man-cub.
  • Allison was 8 years old almost 9 when she first appeared in season 1 episode 13 Park Plaza Zoo. She was 10 years old when she last appeared in season 15 episode 14 Allison Rachelle Johansson Says Goodbye and graduated 5th grade at Park Plaza Elementary School.

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